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Welcome to the home of the Lost Minions clan. This is a combination of members from multiple games.

If you are a new member you should report to the login section.

We are a clan that thrives on the members. We bring them to this place and unite them in the never ending fight for the right. Wars are just a way of life for those who join this clan. We keep the peace too, it just depends on who's side you are on. If you are with us, you are safe. If you are with them, I pity you.

Latest News
Lost-Soul[LM] posted on Tuesday June 8, 2010 6:40:43 PM
Starcraft 2:

get ready for it :P i will be mass recruiting and bring lostminions back to life

Recruiting Status: Open Security Status: Guarded Server: USEast / Azeroth Channel: op L-M
IRC Server: 7000
IRC Channel: #lostminions