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Before Lost Minions
The Lost Minions was not the first clan of our leader, Krush. First he was in the well-known Dark Legion, (DL). Krush left them to attempt his own clan. First was the Major Clan, which fell quickly due to no organization. Next came the Killer Klan, which encountered the same problem of the prior clan. Finally, after those failed attempts came a winner, Lost Minions.
The Beginning
The site was low-tech, but the army grew. First to join and co-lead was Semi. Shortly after that, Krush looked for generals. Krush quickly ran into one of the greatest generals Lost Minions ever had, DarkAvatar. DarkAvatar quickly became the leader of the Politics Squad. More members came: Jon23, Gremio, syk-o-path, X, Zergy, Octal, and others. Finally the army was united together.
Missing Pieces
X might very well have been the best map maker on B.NET. He eventually left the clan. That was the last time [LM] saw X. Jon23[LM] was going to leave on several instances. But, the members wouldn't let this happen. They pulled tighter together. As the creep covers the ground, so to have the minions began too spread.
French Froggies
Once the clan was secured, it was found out we weren't the only ones with the [LM] tag. Some French clan had decided to use the tag we had. Krush wasn't about to just give in, especially to the French. There was an attempt of an alliance between both clans. But, the French refused it. They said the whole purpose of their clan was to kill Americans. The clan had a great time stealing their ops and attacking their members. They began to just give up, and eventually they surrendered.
The Wars
Then came the wars. First was Jade Falcons, =JF=. This clan seemed to already to be on its way to death, but Krush moved in and infiltrated and sped up the process of their demise. The Lost Minions would not be broken. Next came the annihilation of the "one-man clan," known as Blue~Raptor of the [R]aptors. He entered [LM] as Hydralisk and was quickly caught as a spy. He made claims of a vast army and the demise of [LM]. That's all they were, claims. [LM] never stumbled as he was stomped out of existence.
Civil Warfare
Next our leaders fatal flaw, Goddess. She joined the clan to be with Krush. But, time went by and Krush moved on and left Goddess. As she was slowly pushed out of the clan, she took people with her. The clan bot was hacked in order to allow her access to the members. Later on it was found to be Lay-Z who attacked the clan. He had done this on Goddess' behalf. She then formed a rag-tag clan known as War Gods, {W~G}. This was the first great revolt. The loyal members as DarkAvatar, Semi, Gremio, Zergy, Octal, Jon23 and several others stayed with the clan. This seemed like the beginning of the end. Syk-o-path left the clan to join {DE}~. Gremio followed him. The clan seemed to be failing. But, DarkAvatar would not give up. He heavily recruited. And he was loyal as anyone could be, but eventually even he lost the dedication and moved on to the Hawk Dominion.
After all this several new members joined that proved to be great assets to the clan. Nice_Guy[LM] and Toliet_Duck[LM] were very helpful. They tried to help rebuild, and relocate. The bot had been hacked and the clan had to move. They stayed around for quite a while.
Secret Betrayal
Shortly after our leader disappeared for a few months. During this league of absence the clan fell dramatically. Zergy who in the decline became a general, also left to go to {DE}~. He did this without informing anyone. But, there were those who stayed. Semi became Hell~Raiser, and Jon23 stayed loyal. Slay moved up to fill empty officer spots. When Krush returned Zergy never told him of his betrayal.
The Great Revival
Krush finally returned to the clan. Then, he began to unite the minions once again. He brought back Gremio, Godlike, and others. Brought a new bot in, got us a channel, and uploaded a new site and everything. Things seemed to fall into place. During the "great revival" with all the members rejoining it led to the death of the Brood Viperz. Yet another clan spawned from [LM], and died by [LM].
Rouge Clan
The DarkCloud clan was another former member of [LM] that had gone rouge and banded a few people to stand against [LM] on Diablo 2. [LM] yielding tokyo_master and unleasheddemon quickly defeated them. Krush took hold of their channel, and soon after the clan dissolved. The former member elkthug was never seen again.
The Merge
One day, Krush stumbled into a channel where Zergy was and caught pro{toss} double clanning. He was immediately ejected from the clan. Krush decided that wasn't enough, he wanted to destroy the other clan, LoA. He quickly gained their trust and had merged into their community, under an assumed name. Before he knew what was happening he was to close to Hush[LoA]. He eventually broke down and told her. This has proved to be the better choice. Mainly because shortly after this time LoA had decided to merge into [LM]. Gaining three majors, Caesar, OmegaStrike, and GraveDiger. Hush came too, but soon after joining, she mysteriously disappeared. She was never seen again.
Bot Madness
During what seemed to be a peaceful time, [LM] became under attack by The Elemental clan. For an unknown reason they wanted to attempt to destroy the great Lost Minions. [LM] spammed their channel with bots, and eventually grew tired of the war and left them to try and rebuild.
During all this time a disease was infecting the members of [LM]. This disease started in Webdemon, Slovike, and RebelGirl. But, quickly spread to Zergy, Gremio, TheVoid, and the recently returned syk-o-path. At first it clouded their thoughts. Mostly against Krush, who had no idea of this illness. Finally, the disease had taken complete control over them. Everything Krush said was twisted and contorted to make them turn on him.
The Second Coming
In the absence of the leader, apparently Zergy and a few other members had become close to a new face, Webdemon. Seemed as though he was a somewhat nice guy. In reality he was conspiring a plan to remove [LM] members for himself. Within a small amount of time he had gotten RebelGirl, Zergy, and Darkwish to leave us. But, our leader didn't give in he struggled through this like always. He even got Webdemon to join, as a cautionary measure to calm the clan.
Another Revolt
Hell~Raiser also decided to change his name yet again, now he was Mystic. Krush had a new friend that he brought to the clan. He went by the name Slovike or Spec. He seemed as though he truly wanted to help the clan. He fooled everyone though, when after a harsh word from Krush he left the clan to make his own. He assured Krush that he wouldn't "vulture" his members off of [LM]. He lied, within 24 hours he had gotten 3 generals, 2 officers, and an unknown amount of enlisted to defect to his "Exile Fortress." Several other members saw this and went their separate ways. Thus, began the "revolution." The revolt was short-lived though, ended as quickly as it began. The whole thing lasted about 3 days. Slovike was forever banned from interaction with the clan. The only other loss by means of members was RebelGirl. She was mainly in the clan to be with Zergy. Things resumed shortly after, like usual.
Final Revolt
Krush allowed the members all to return to the clan. He hoped that they would stay loyal to the clan. But, this thought was doomed. Shortly after they all came back, Mystic changed his name to Goku. And RebelGirl became Empress[AZ]. The final vulture clan of the revolution. She first picked her boyfriend Zergy to join her. Next went Darkwish, Godlike, and Irish~Kid. This was the final straw. [LM] declared war on the Azure Knights. Seems they were just to power hungry for their own good.
Inner Deceit
After finally reaching what seemed like the last of the revolts, and after finally earning Krush's trust, Clodius decided to do an unthinkable thing. He crossed over, to the dark side. There have been countless others that have done the same thing. He betrayed the clan and his former friends by leading a revolt against [LM]. But, he did not stop there; he succeeded in taking about 9 members from the clan. They formed the Exile Knights.
The 40's
Seems it is never a dull day in the [LM] clan. Former member Terror decided to leave the clan. He left claiming it was because of the use of profanity in the channel. Several days later he was seen actively lying to get other members to leave and join his clan, [WK]. As later found out, that clan is lead by an old decaying man. Guess it goes to show that you can teach an old cheating dog new lies. After all this several new members joined that proved to be great assets to the clan. Nice_Guy[LM] and Toliet_Duck[LM] were very helpful. They try to help rebuild, and relocate. The bot had been hacked and the clan had to move. They stayed around for quite a while.
Upon completing the new web site, Krush, established alliances with both Dark Legion and Overdosed. Some members, refusing to wait, quit the clan. No one of any importance was lost. So yet again [LM] has to rebuild, and with Nice_Guy, Slay, Goku, Prophet, Jon23, and Viper_X_5, [LM] will be stronger than ever.
Attack of the [E]
Clan TE launched an attack on Clan [LM]. After many attempts by Clan TE to take the home channel of the clan, Clan [LM] has emerged victorious this day. Many believe that this is not the end of the clan wars, but is just the beginning. With the help of Clan [E], TE hopes to take over the channel of [LM] once and for all. [LM] has powerful allies of its own that, with their help, could crush the rebel threat once and for all. With clans like OD, DL, NeX, and DS backing us in our time of war we shall all be the final victors!
Ops Theft
Well someone finally accomplished the impossible. Using a backdoor program they successful stole the L-M account. Fortunately, this theft lasted for no longer than 24 hours. It appears Krush has a reputation and nobody wants to get on his bad side. They quickly returned the account and everything worked itself out.
High Times
[LM] is doing better than ever. Most of the lost members have returned. And new faces are appearing to join the forces. Most of the enemies of [LM] have fallen. The PlanetSide division doing awesome. The counterstrike force is small, but deadly. Lost Minions is here to stay.
Fade Into Shadow
With time things change and so too has [LM]. Putting the PlanetSide conquests behind the clan, it ventures on. Still going strong as a force on B.NET and gaining fame on Dark Age of Camelot, [LM] looks to a new conquest. [LM] prepares for it's immergence into DarkFall.