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Where is Lost Minions Located?
op L-M on USEast / Azeroth.
#lostminions [ 7000] on irc.
Clan LM on USEast / Azeroth.
#lostminions [ 6667] on irc.
Gaheris [All Realms] on DAoC.
Merlin [Midgard] on DAoC.
Mordred [All Realms] on DAoC.
Markov [Vanu Sovereignty] on PS.
Kil'Jaeden [Horde] on WoW.
When was Lost Minions founded?
Lost Minions was founded on January 11, 1999 by Krush & Goku.
What are you guys?
A gaming clan...
How do I join?
Read the How to Join page.
Starcraft won't work.
Then contact blizzard...
Do you support hacks?
No. Go away.
How can I contact you guys?, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, IRC, email, or the clan forum.
How do I work a bot?
We don't know. Email and ask him.
I need help!?
Read this F.A.Q.
How do I apply for an alliance?
Go to the forum and make a post in the Alliance Request forum.
Make sure to follow the format that was posted.
Are you just a clan?
No, we are a gaming clan on these games.
Can't reply or post on forum?
Register and login.
How do I get promoted to warrant officer?
Read the rankings page.
How do I earn medals?
Be loyal, be friendly, and be active.
Or put in a valid request on the Medal Request forum.
Then a general will award it to you.
Can I spy on other clans for Prisoner of War?
No, you must get approval of a general first.
I can't log into the web site?
Make sure you have javascript enabled on the website and cookies turned on.
I have a suggestion, who do I talk to?
Talk to a general about it, or post it on forum.
What map do we play on?
Lost temple, Forgotten Land, and other low mineral maps.
To practice our skills.